Training session packages

Here is a brief breakdown of the training packages. A minimum of 8 sessions per month (2 days per week) is required in order to schedule for training. Each training session gives you full access to a 60 minute workout of 1 on 1 Personal Training, Virtual Training and Boxing/Kick Boxing Training. Fees are set at a flat rate of $40 Per Session. There are two payment options available; Weekly or Monthly. These payments will be a recurring monthly or weekly subscription based off the payment option you select.  Your sessions must be paid in advance to receive any services. Please make your selection below.

8 sessions / 2 days a week

Weekly $80
Monthly $320

12 sessions / 3 days a week

Weekly $120
Monthly $480

16 sessions / 4 days a week

Weekly $160
Monthly $640

20 sessions / 5 days a week

discount $10 off

*Sessions that are 5 days or more are $30 per sessions.

Weekly $150+
Monthly $600+