Squad Training

What's better than reaching your fitness goals than being able to achieve it together with your squad! Squad Training is an exclusive kickboxing training class that is only for you and your group. Its not your typical group training where you workout with strangers. You choose your squad (Max of 5, Min of 2) it can be family or friends, couples etc. and everyone gets to go at their own pace. The goal is to do what you can and have fun while you're doing it. Let your squad be your motivation and make sure to hold each other accountable during each of your sessions. You may choose however many days as you'd like for your group. Full payments for the squad must be paid before scheduling (Only one per is needed to pay for the entire group).
$ 35
Per Person/Per Session
  • 60 Minute Sessions
  • Variation of Workouts and combos
  • Age 14+ (Under 18 Must be Accompanied by Parent or Guardian)
  • Class Shadowing Environment