FAQ 30 Day Kickboxing Cardio

The ABF 30 Day Kickboxing Challenge is a 45 minute 30 Day workout program of kickboxing combos and core workouts. The purpose of the challenge is to challenge yourself to complete the 30 Days by following the 30 Day workout program.

Your 30 Days (DAY 1) will begin the same day you purchase the program and you will have 30 Days from the day of purchase to complete your challenge.

Life happens and sometimes you may not be able to maintain your schedule so y ou will have a 1 free additional day just in case you miss a day. Total of (31 days). It is imperative that you follow the program precisely so you can complete your entire 30 days. Remember this is a challenge so its up to you to hold yourself accountable to complete your days when scheduled.

You may choose to cancel or stop doing your workouts at any time but there are NO Refunds. Once a purchase is made, you are agreeing to the policy.

Once you complete your 30 Days you will no longer have access to the program or your ABF Account. If you would like to purchase the 30 days again you may due so and you will then gain access back to your account and the ABF 30 Day Kickboxing Challenge. There are no limits on how many times you can do the program.

You do not need any fitness equipment but is recommended to have a timer to keep track of each round. You may use boxing gloves, dumbbells or any other equipment to help maximize your workout.

The week and days will all be labeled to help you follow along. Once you complete each day and week, you will see a green check mark stating you have completed that day. 

To keep track of your results on how well you’re doing, I recommend taking a “Before” photo (facing front, side, back) on DAY 1 and doing an “After” photo on your last day of the challenge.

The program is made for all fitness levels and created for you to go at your pace. If you are someone that is interested in kickboxing, looking for a high intensity cardio workout, someone that is looking for a new workout routine or someone that wants to avoid the gyms due to the pandemic this is a perfect fit for you. There are a ton of benefits when joining this program.

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