motivation gets you started, discipline keeps you going

You’ve made the right decision on reaching your fitness goals with Alpha Body Fitness.

This is the time to challenge your mind and body to get the Alpha Body you deserve. 

ABF 30 Day Kickboxing Cardio

Tutorial Videos

Follow along with short video clips to help you get through each workout.

Kickboxing Combos

You will learn the basics of kickboxing punches and kicks. By the end of your 30 days you'll be feeling like a pro.

45 Minute Workouts

All you need is 45 minutes to get a workout that will leave you feeling accomplished.

Great for Family and Friends

Grab your family and friends to do the workouts side by side with you.


Busy schedule? No problem, you can pick any location and time of day of your choice to do your workouts.

All Fitness Levels

Great for all fitness levels. You can go at your pace.

What My Clients Say!

Angelica's style is warm and personable. She challenges you to achieve your fitness goals and with a balanced approach, both pushing you to success yet patient with the process
If you’re looking for a good trainer you’ve come to the right person. If you are new to fitness or even just need someone to push you Angelica will be there every step of the way.
Angelica is the....TRUTH!!! 🙌🏽 I seen the intensity in her workout videos and knew I had to work with her. She gave me the extra push that I needed when working out with her.